Chairs and Professorships

College of ACES Tradition

The academic tradition of endowed chairs dates back to 1502, when Margaret of Richmond, mother of Henry VII, established the Lady Margaret Professorship of Divinity at Oxford University.

Image of a chair

Half a millennium later, the endowed chair has evolved into one of the most prestigious and permanent investments that can be made in any university. These seats constitute a powerful means of attracting and retaining superior faculty in rich scientific areas of research by providing a permanent source of financial support for salaries and academic activities. Furthermore, endowed positions offer a unique opportunity for students to study under the guidance of world-class scholars.

Beyond their direct impact on research and scholarship, these venerated posts play a vital role in immortalizing an individual or company whose name is permanently linked to the chair, resulting in a highly visible form of recognition that lives on from generation to generation. New Mexico State University's College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences (ACES) has a total of nine endowed faculty positions, a few of which are open for naming. All endowments are always open to receive additional donations at any time.