Service Learning

Jose Fernandez was a true pioneer farmer among New Mexico's early farm families, and his inspiring legacy lives on through the Jose Fernandez Memorial Chair. The Chair was established by the Enrique Chavez Family in recognition of Fernandez's contributions to New Mexico State University and the agricultural community.

The endowment provides resources in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences to a faculty member who is engaged in research by experimenting in developing new ideas in field crop production. The funds serve as a catalyst for innovative research and outreach that benefits New Mexico and beyond. But the benefits do not stop there.

The endowment is also used for educational purposes to mold the next generation of scientists and agricultural practitioners in wise crop production strategies based on best management practices, science-based information, and a concern for the land and its future inhabitants. To this end, service learning opportunities include short-term workshops, training seminars, and exchange programs, medium-term internships, and part-time on-the-job work-study opportunities in agricultural disciplines.

Overall, these activities will inspire innovation and development of new ideas as they honor the pioneering spirit and dedication of Fernandez.